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Is your child experiencing difficulties at school?

If your child is struggling with any aspect of school life – whether educationally or socially – this can be a considerable source of worry.

It’s completely natural to feel concerned if your child seems unhappy, and isn’t keeping up with their schoolwork, struggles with a specific area of learning, with literacy (reading, spelling and writing) or maths. They may have difficulties with general concentration or be experiencing some anxiety or social or communication issues. Often these issues overlap.

Getting to the bottom of the problem, understanding it and finding a way through, is what I aim to offer to the parents and children I see. In other words, diagnosis, an opportunity to ask questions, clear answers and a positive, practical plan enabling you and your child to move forward, is what you can expect from my assessment.

As an experienced, qualified specialist Child and Educational Psychologist, I can help you and your child if they are facing difficulties and barriers to achievement in any aspect of school life and learning.

Understanding children, empathising with parents

Drs. Marijke Sketchley - Child Psychology

My experience

I have an exceptional track record in helping children of all ages access the support they need to improve their performance in school. Whatever the barriers or issues, I have the experience and expertise to not only find them but guide you towards resolving them. I’m proud of my strong reputation in education, built through my work with local children, families and schools.

My qualifications

  • Degrees in Child Psychology from the University of Groningen and the Vrije University of Amsterdam
  • Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society
  • An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Registered as a Health and Care Professional Council Practitioner (Psychologist Registration number PYL20086)
  • Registered member of the Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice (AChiPPP)

My approach

I take a holistic view where I use a range of assessment tools to look at the whole child, connecting issues with behaviours, in order to understand them. I focus not just on diagnosis, but on constructive solutions that address both learning difficulties and a child’s confidence and well-being.

I understand the concerns of parents and children and try to ensure they leave my assessment process positive, reassured and clear on what happens next.

If you would like to talk about how I can help your child, please contact me.

How I can help

  • Diagnosis of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia
  • Assessment for exam concessions
  • Identification of indicators of conditions such as Asperger’s or ADHD
  • Identification of a wide range of issues relating to:
    – concentration
    – speech and language/communication difficulties
    – social issues and anxiety within the school setting
  • General learning difficulties

My assessment programmes are comprehensive and holistic, designed to create a full picture of your child. They enable me to pinpoint specific learning issues but also assess the wider impact of these on your child’s confidence, well-being, behaviour and communication.

This detailed, evidence-based information will be combined with observations and conversations with you, your child, teachers and any other relevant professionals. It will then form the basis of an extensive report and plan of recommendations, which may include specific support needed and referrals to specialists.

Is your child struggling at school? Contact me to discuss how I can help

British Psychological Society
HCP Registered

The process

Getting to know you

The more I know, the more I can help. So, prior to assessment, I will need information from you and the school which will help me build a picture of what your child is experiencing. This provides helpful background information and enables me to devise the bespoke assessment and approach needed to get the best results for your child.

A warm welcome

A relaxed, comfortable environment is crucial to effective assessment. All assessments will take place at my home and while some parents may stay on site for the first session, the assessment will be 1:1, where I always work alongside the child.

Comprehensive assessment

The full assessment of approximately four hours may take place over up to three sessions depending on the child’s age and difficulties.

It will include;

  • Standardised cognitive tests
  • Memory and speed-based tests
  • Reading, writing, spelling, maths/number skills
  • Oral language and listening skills
  • Pencil control/fine motor skills
  • Observations (If relevant) in an educational setting or at home
Following the assessment, I will fully explain the report to you in person, giving you ample opportunity to ask questions, leaving you with a full picture of your child’s issues, achievements and needs. If a follow up is required, it will be provided. And if you have further questions after you leave, you’re welcome to contact me.

Depending on the child’s age, they can also be present during (part of) the feedback.

Thorough report

The results of the tests will go into a score sheet, which will be analysed against national expectations. Alongside this, the rest of my findings, recommendations and referrals if relevant, will be presented in a report containing everything you need to support your child.

The report provides the way forward through whatever your child is facing. It needs to be understood, acted upon and shared with relevant professionals involved in your child’s care and education.

“Dear Marijke. Thank you for your email explaining the results of the assessment. Thank you very much for all of your help and I hope that if further assessments or advice is needed, we could contact you in the future.”

“We found the school meeting with you very positive and constructive. It was really helpful to have you talk to the teachers and now feel that we are able to move on as we have the right provision in place for T.”
“M. was so pleased with your comments in the feedback that we bought study guides this afternoon. After being really reluctant to come for assessment, she was really upbeat. Thank you”
“I just wanted to say thank a huge thank you for taking the time to come and see me. Your wealth of knowledge was invaluable and has given me so many ideas (School Senco)”
“Dear Marijke, Thank you for the very interesting and comprehensive report on R. We of course want to share the report and all recommendations with the school.”
“Thank you very much for the excellent report for A which is proving very useful.  We would like you to see her again as she is now sitting her GCSE’s and would also want you to see her younger brother now.”
“You come highly recommended and our friend whose daughter you saw previously told us not to use anyone else.”
“Dear Mrs Sketchley. Just to say that J has got into university. He would not have got there if you had not seen him when he was a little boy and again after that. Both J and I cannot tell you how grateful we are for all your insights, help and support. I just wanted to express our big thanks.”

Get in touch

To find out how I can help your child please call me on 020 8332 9951